A Much Needed Family Adventure

It has been a while since my little family has gone on a little adventure just the three of us.  My husband has been working quite a bit lately, and any time he’s had off has been spent on events or functions that have been planned in advance.  So this week, between family events and meetings, he told me to pick any destination and plan a little family adventure– YAY! It is my favorite thing to do! I have been wanting to check out the Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, CA and so my mind was already made up. One great thing about where our small town is located, many California destinations can be done in a day trip, so within two and a half hours, we were in the beautiful coastal mountains of Santa Cruz, ready to have some fun!

Upon arrival, this place is already so picturesque and spacious, I immediately regret not packing our own lunch for a picnic! There were so many picnic tables scattered around with beautiful scenery.  Also, I’m guessing that since it was a Monday, it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.


The main attraction of Roaring Camp Railroad is obviously a train ride! And not like a little one loop train ride, but an actual track that either goes up the redwood forest or down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We chose the steam train ride through the forest. We showed up a little later in the afternoon, around 1:45, which was a score for us because apparently they do a “kids fare” rate, where each ticket is the child’s ticket rate of $22 for their 2:00PM train rides! Easton, however, always seems to be free anywhere we go since he is under 2 (double score!!).  The entire train ride seemed to be a little over an hour and it was a blast! The conductor, or tour guide (or both?), actually came down the aisles of the train throughout the ride to check our tickets and provided detailed information on how the steam train works, how it was invented and how these specific tracks came about. Please don’t count on me to relay the information, as I spent the first 10 minutes trying to clean applesauce from my pants that Easton spilled all over me.


The ride through the beautiful mountains is worth it enough. It’s shaded by the magnificent giant redwoods, and at the top is Bear Mountain where you are free to get out and explore for 10 minutes until the train departs, which we happily took advantage of. We love watching Easton explore, and a fellow rider was kind enough to snap a family picture!


On our way back, our awesome tour guide highly recommended we check out the California Redwood Hike. More exploring after lunch– YAY!!!



We marveled at every giant tree and the beauty of the trail. So worth the extra adventure. Plus, our kiddo loves to RUN… everywhere! There was plenty of room for him to run and explore, and even get inside some of the ginormous, hollowed out tree trunks. There are 15 stops along the way, guided by a free pamphlet you pick up at the beginning of the trail. A couple things we couldn’t get over; some of these trees have been here for thousands of years, before Jesus even walked the Earth and during… it just felt so surreal. Also, these giant beings sprouted from a seed the size of an oatmeal flake.  It just reminded me of the power in God’s creations.  It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to go back! We went on a slow day, but according to Roaring Camp’s website, they usually have a lot more things to do and see. I highly recommend anyone to go and check it out. My only suggestion is, although they do provide food, we wish we would have packed our own picnic. It wasn’t bad, but we are picky eaters, plus, the scenery and spread out picnic tables was just meant for it!

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Love and joy,


P.S. You didn’t think it was ALL sunshine and rainbows did you??




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